The Bucket List Returns

The bucket list is something I’ve mentioned before on my blog.  In 2009 I posted my bucket list at the time, and in 2013 I trimmed that list right down to only a few items.  A couple of weeks ago I reformatted it again and decided that it could be as long as I liked!

I added dozens and dozens of items to my new and improved list, including simple things like making it to Christmas 2014.  Given my depression the past few months, this has been proving to be quite a challenge for me.  The list also includes practically impossible things like going to space, finding a unicorn and travelling with the Doctor.  Nothing is impossible though, so maybe it’ll happen.

And then, because I’m me, I had to research other people’s lists for more ideas.

Do you have any idea how many bucket lists are online?  How many life lists?  How many 101 Things in 1001 Days lists?  How many 30 Things To Do Before I’m 30 lists?


I spent a good week reading as many things as I possibly could.  And There are so many more I could read if I ever find myself out of ideas.  But for now, I think 379 things are enough to be going on with.  (I’ve done 43 so far).

  1. Be kissed in the rain again
  2. Spend Christmas in New York City
  3. See Niagara Falls
  4. Go on one last pub crawl before I get too old
  5. Get to London Film and Comic Con
  6. Live alone again
  7. Live with a lover
  8. See Aurora Borealis
  9. Order “one of everything”
  10. Get back to Vegas
  11. Complete a 1000 piece jigsaw
  12. Get an OWL in every subject at Hogwarts on Ravelry
  13. Get promoted to Admiral at Starfleet on Ravelry
  14. Sensory deprivation tank
  15. Stay in a posh hotel with doormen
  16. Medieval Times
  17. Ice Bar
  18. Finish and publish a book
  19. Be loved again
  20. Write to Tracy
  21. Make it to Christmas 2014
  22. Improve sewing skills
  23. Get a tattoo
  24. Go to NYC
  25. Get a degree
  26. See Shrek the Musical
  27. See Phantom of the Opera live
  28. See Wicked again
  29. Spend 2 years in the US in an RV
  30. Drive Route 66
  31. Strawberry picking
  32. Try miracle fruit
  33. Chase a rainbow
  34. Make a rainbow cake
  35. Go tech free for a week
  36. Crochet a quilt
  37. Sew a quilt
  38. Eat food by Heston Blumenthal
  39. Host a giant, multi-part RAOA contest
  40. See the Pacific
  41. Go to a drive in movie
  42. See a ballet
  43. Make caramel
  44. Camp in a tent full of cushions and blankets
  45. Go whale watching
  46. Complete Nanowrimo
  47. Donate blood
  48. Take up archery
  49. Try needle felting
  50. Man vs Food challenge
  51. Go to space
  52. Be in 2 places at once
  53. Spend Halloween in Salem
  54. Go to a roller derby match
  55. Try a Voodoo donut
  56. Have my own library
  57. Make vodka gummy bears
  58. Go full cosplay
  59. Corn or hedge maze
  60. Hot air balloon
  61. Blow glass
  62. Go to a film premiere
  63. Owe nothing
  64. Join the mile high club
  65. Send a message in a bottle
  66. Drink absinthe
  67. Have my portrait painted/drawn
  68. Have my handwriting analysed
  69. Stay in an ice hotel
  70. Go up a down escalator
  71. Make my family proud
  72. Solve a mystery
  73. Get paid for my writing
  74. Complete Wordsearch 10K
  75. Road trip with no planned destination
  76. Learn piano
  77. Try ice skating
  78. Kiss under mistletoe
  79. Reach triple figures on Etsy sales
  80. Go on a cruise
  81. Travel to America by ocean liner
  82. Alabama
  83. Alaska
  84. Arizona
  85. Arkansas
  86. California
  87. Colorado
  88. Connecticut
  89. Delaware
  90. Florida
  91. Georgia
  92. Hawaii
  93. Idaho
  94. Illinois
  95. Indiana
  96. Iowa
  97. Kansas
  98. Kentucky
  99. Louisiana
  100. Maine
  101. Maryland
  102. Massachusetts
  103. Michigan
  104. Minnesota
  105. Mississippi
  106. Missouri
  107. Montana
  108. Nebraska
  109. Nevada
  110. New Hampshire
  111. New Jersey
  112. New Mexico
  113. New York
  114. North Carolina
  115. North Dakota
  116. Ohio
  117. Oklahoma
  118. Oregon
  119. Pennsylvania
  120. Rhode Island
  121. South Carolina
  122. South Dakota
  123. Tennessee
  124. Texas
  125. Utah
  126. Vermont
  127. Virginia
  128. Washington
  129. West Virginia
  130. Wisconsin
  131. Wyoming
  132. Go to Disneyland (California or Florida)
  133. Go to a safari park
  134. Meet people from RAOA
  135. Meet people from Ravelry
  136. Orient Express
  137. Be happy
  138. Spend £30 at a coffee shop, paying for people after me
  139. Have a gaming room
  140. See an active volcano
  141. Live in the USA
  142. See Michaela settle
  143. Learn to spin
  144. See Aislynn start school
  145. Go to the llama sanctuary
  146. Say yes to something I’d normally say no to
  147. Say no to something I’d normally say yes to
  148. Meet David Tennant
  149. Win “big” at bingo
  150. Experience zero gravity
  151. See a space shuttle launch
  152. Design a cocktail
  153. Have a table at a craft show
  154. Put aside £25 a month for six months then go on a Hobbycraft spree
  155. Order something from “The Something Store”
  156. Time travel
  157. Find Hogwarts
  158. Find a 4 leaf clover
  159. Travel with the Doctor
  160. Live to see aliens make contact
  161. Have a white Christmas
  162. Go to a masquerade ball
  163. Swim under the stars
  164. Stand under a waterfall
  165. Kiss underwater
  166. Be spoiled on Valentines Day
  167. Meet Wil Wheaton
  168. Try geocaching
  169. Read all the books that I own
  170. Read 26 books I’ve never read – starting with each letter of the alphabet
  171. Ask 10 people to suggest a book and read them all
  172. Photograph a landscape from the same location capturing all four seasons
  173. Go to the races
  174. Spend a day with Jennie doing whatever she wants
  175. Spend a day with Michaela doing whatever she wants
  176. Try to learn calligraphy
  177. Send flowers to Mum out of the blue
  178. Send a random reason care package to Jennie
  179. Send a random reason care package to Michaela
  180. Send a random reason care package to mum
  181. Take a trip with Jennie
  182. Take a trip with Michaela
  183. Take a trip with Mum
  184. Complete a sudoku book
  185. Adopt a word at
  186. Make cheese fondue
  187. Make a successful chocolate souffle
  188. Make a time lapse video of one of my art pieces
  189. Create a woodwork project
  190. Make 1000 origami cranes or stars
  191. Make a snowman
  192. Send a card to a random address
  193. Stand on the equator
  194. See the geysers at Yellowstone
  195. Give Boston a 2nd chance
  196. Complete a colouring book
  197. Complete a 365 day photo challenge
  198. Go to a German Christmas market
  199. Eat chocolate in Belgium
  200. Go to batting cages
  201. Guest post on someone else’s blog
  202. Have my hair dyed in a rainbow
  203. Writing prompt a day for a year
  204. 10 for 10 games (pick 10 of my games and play each of them at least 10 times in a year)
  205. Eat an authentic Philadelphia cheesesteak
  206. Colour powder fight (or go on a colour run)
  207. Photo of myself every day for a year
  208. Create an analemma
  209. Go into an airport/train station and buy a random ticket
  210. Go on a world cruise
  211. Stay at the igloo village
  212. Go to Cardiff
  213. Doctor Who Experience
  214. Go to Joust
  215. Try poutine
  216. Go to a Hobby Lobby
  217. Go to a Michaels Craft Store
  218. Go to a Joann’s Fabric Store
  219. Go to Mood Fabric Store
  220. Go to a Container Store
  221. Go to Dublin
  222. Go back to Amsterdam
  223. Visit Newcastle
  224. Visit Iceland
  225. Blue Lagoon
  226. Go swimming in a pool in the snow
  227. Go to Coney Island
  228. Go to Edinburgh
  229. Go to Minneapolis and St Paul
  230. Mall of America
  231. Chicago
  232. Philadelphia
  233. Hershey Factory
  234. Atlantic City
  235. San Francisco/Portland/Seattle by train
  236. Orlando
  237. Japan
  238. Earthquake simulator
  239. Istanbul
  240. Baltic Cruise
  241. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland
  242. Lapland UK
  243. Monkey World
  244. Yarndale
  245. Morroco
  246. Paris
  247. Fibre East Yarn Festival
  248. Port Lockroy
  249. Have a craft room
  250. Have a private sex dungeon
  251. Cosplay to a movie
  252. Release a floating lantern
  253. Hold a 10 course dinner party
  254. Fly in a private jet
  255. Swim with sharks
  256. Cliff jump
  257. Abseil again
  258. Zentangle a canvas
  259. Score 150 bowling
  260. Experience blindness for a day
  261. Have savings
  262. Cook 30 recipes from 30 different countries
  263. Eat a croissant in Paris
  264. Eat a bagel in New York City
  265. Taste kangaroo meat
  266. Taste crocodile meat
  267. Try fugu
  268. Fill my demijohn jar of coppers
  269. Invest in something
  270. Attend a costume party
  271. Cover my ceiling in glow in the dark stars
  272. Create melted crayon art
  273. Bind a book
  274. Make a button bowl
  275. Coin art in a frame
  276. Collect a penny from each year of my life
  277. Play paintball
  278. Create a children’s book
  279. Finish my card game
  280. Sell more than 100 copies of my card game
  281. Create a dice game
  282. Sell more than 100 copies of my dice game
  283. Take a pottery class
  284. Make a dreamcatcher
  285. Collect all 50 USA state quarters
  286. Eat a deep fried Mars bar
  287. Eat at a revolving restaurant
  288. Zorbing
  289. Bungee jumping
  290. Skydive
  291. Join a choir
  292. Wipeout-style course
  293. Find a unicorn
  294. Get a manicure
  295. Go to a Basingstoke Munch party
  296. Disneyland Paris
  297. Spend all day making decisions with a coin
  298. Watermelon vodka bowl
  299. Blue Man Group
  300. Grand Canyon
  301. Smithsonian
  302. Ben and Jerry’s Factory
  303. Monster truck rally
  304. Demolition Derby
  305. Etsy store accounts in the black
  306. Learn to swing dance
  307. Go to a rodeo
  308. Have afternoon tea
  309. Snorkel
  310. Ice cream challenge at RM in Vegas
  311. Perfect a card trick
  312. Drink vodka in Russia
  313. Dine in a blackout restaurant
  314. See a penguin up close
  315. Touch a dolphin
  316. Fly in a plane
  317. Gamble in Vegas
  318. Go up the Empire State Building
  319. Fremont Street Experience
  320. Play every game I own in one year
  321. Clay pigeon shooting
  322. Zipline
  323. Dog sled
  324. Catapult a watermelon
  325. Ride a centrifuge at 3.2g
  326. Shoot a flaming arrow
  327. Reconnect with Dad
  328. Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar
  329. Learn to shuffle cards
  330. Meet an elephant
  331. See a Cirque du Soleil show
  332. See Penn and Teller
  333. See Stonehenge
  334. See the Bellagio Fountatins
  335. Go to a Ren fair
  336. Host a mad hatter’s tea party
  337. Order room service
  338. Name a star
  339. Toss a coin in a fountain
  340. Make homemade ice cream
  341. Make bread from scratch
  342. Tip Junkie monthly photo prompts for a year
  343. 365 days of gaming
  344. Read a book from each year since you were born
  345. 52 weeks of gaming
  346. Collect exactly 52 things in a jar
  347. Watch every r/movieclub movie of the week for a year
  348. Go a year without buying any yarn
  349. Cut a wine bottle
  350. Draw up my family tree
  351. Back something on kickstarter
  352. Attend a book signing
  353. Participate in GISHWHES
  354. Sew a dress for myself
  355. Sew pajamas for myself
  356. Post my fan fiction online
  357. Carve a pumpkin
  358. Make clothes
  359. Make grape jelly
  360. Hogwarts party weekend
  361. Give a 100% tip
  362. Get dressed and go out every day for a month
  363. Keep a plant alive for a year
  364. Try batik
  365. Spend a day eye-bombing
  366. Donate 10,000 grains of rice on
  367. Create an altered book
  368. Master french knots

The eagle-eyed amongst you might notice that although I stated my bucket list has 379 items on, that list only has 368.  That’s because I have an 11 object private list that you really don’t want to hear about.


About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/doodler/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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