Lucky Stars

So, you may recall that I decided I was going to make 1000 origami lucky stars.  There was a whole blog post with a crow and everything.

When I wrote that post I’d made a grand total of two stars.

2014-10-30 13.50.00

Two down, 998 to go.

Well the other day I got started on making some more.  I cut a strip from an A4 page that was 1.5cm wide, and had a go with that to see if it came out the right size.  And it came out great, so I made a few more.

2014-11-27 22.01.11

I looked at my original two and decided that one was too big.  I want them all to be the same size – ish.  So the big one now lives in the box with all my origami paper, and doesn’t count.

Eventually I want a nice row of jars with all the stars in, separated by colour probably.  So far I have this.

2014-11-27 23.25.20

6 down, 994 to go.  So I kept going.

I took that A4 pad and sliced off a whole bunch of 1.5cm wide strips and made some more.


I sliced off a butt load of strips and left them on my desk to work at gradually, figuring that I’d get them done over time.  Except that these things are kind of addictive.

2014-11-28 22.15.16

I am having one small problem.  Despite the fact that all the strips come from the same pad, for some reason the blue paper is slightly thinner, and I’m having trouble when I squish the little hexagons that you make.

2014-11-27 22.01.13

So I’m doubling up the paper for those.  Here are some more blue ones.

2014-11-28 21.21.26

Hmm, those are actually the darker blue, but in that picture they look like the lighter blue.  Marvel at my photography talents.

Anyway, definitely addicted.

2014-11-28 17.38.01

Less than a day after I made my 2nd-6th stars, my jar looked like this.

2014-11-28 23.31.58

There’s 107 stars in there.  That’s 10% of my goal!  Which is not helping with the addiction factor.

See, here’s some more…

2014-11-29 00.15.02

And there’s 130 in this picture:

2014-11-30 12.04.55

Definitely addicted.

I did make a realisation though.  There’s no purple!  The pad I’m using doesn’t have any purple in it.  I need to fix that, obviously, so I’ve order a pad of purple printer paper.

At the rate I’m going though, I’ll have done the full 1000 before the purple arrives.  So, because I’m me, I had to separate the ones I’ve got into colours and count them.  Just to make sure I have an even rainbow.


About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/doodler/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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