The Origami Continues

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, I’ve been teaching myself origami.

If you have managed to miss this particular development, here‘s the post where I first started it.  And here are the development posts.  One, two, three, four, five.

As you’ll know, if you’ve read those posts, I have subscribed to several origami YouTube channels.  Which means occasional emails with tempting ideas in them.  Once such tempting idea was a Stella Pitti (star) by Happyfolding.

You can either make an eight point, or a seven point.  The seven point is more 3D, so I attempted that one first.  I made all the coloured points, but I couldn’t get them to poof out quite right.  So I added another point and made the flatter eight point one.  Which is still very very gorgeous.

2014-12-08 20.24.57

Once I had pinned it up, with all my other gorgeous origami pieces, and once I glanced at my Christmas tree with lots of cute handmade origami decorations on, I decided there should be more!  So I made some more origami cranes and hung them from the tree.


Another source I’ve found for ideas was something I already subscribe to.  There’s a website called Apartment Therapy.  I follow them on Tumblr for their design articles and interesting ideas for various home based thing.  And recently they posted an article called “15 DIY Origami Ornaments”.  How could I not have a read?!

There were many on there that I didn’t really like the look of.  And some that I’ve already done, like this great use for lucky stars…

book page stars ornaments

…and this Froebel star (which they’ve called German Paper Stars, and I’ve found somewhere else called Moravian stars).

german paper stars

But there were, naturally, several that I just HAD to try.

I started simple, with a wreath.  Here’s what it was supposed to look like…


…and here’s how mine looks.

2014-12-12 14.48.36

Nice and simple.  I imagine there will be more in my future.

Then there was the woven ball.  Here’s the sample image.

woven paper ball

I found the videos that the webpage linked to to be quite confusing, but luckily YouTube supplied a much better option (and a new channel for me to subscribe to).

I had a quick go, and was quite impressed.  It’s a great pattern, mildly confusing at first, but simple enough once you get the hang of it.  However I managed to cut the thing in the wrong place when trimming an end.

2014-12-12 14.47.25

So I had another go.

2014-12-12 14.47.44

Better.  It’s in one piece!  But it’s a little loose.  So I had another go.

2014-12-12 14.48.15

And another.  This fourth one was when I realised that you should really pay attention.  I got distracted and managed to lose the places for weaving.

2014-12-12 14.48.02

But my fifth one is pretty much perfect!

2014-12-12 14.48.19

I will be making some more for a garland, but possibly not in time for this Christmas.

The last ornament on that Apartment Therapy post that intrigued me was this one.

bauble ball

It isn’t technically origami, since there’s only one fold, but I’m including it here since it fits in so nicely with this blog post.  It’s very simple.  Cut circles, fold circles in half, stitch circles together down centre, glue flaps alternating at top and bottom.  Et voila!

2014-12-12 14.46.55

Rainbow, of course 🙂  Although I’ve now run out of the green from that particular paper, so I need to go shopping.


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