…And this is 2015

My biggest plan for this year?  To make it less crap than last year.  Which really shouldn’t be difficult.

In slightly more detail I have several plans for this year.

1) To get a social life back.  Now that I have a regular income again I can return to my clubs and groups and things.  I’m going to get back into it gradually because if I try to do it all in the first week of January I’ll just wipe myself out.

2) To save!  With the help of the Bank of my Sister, I’m saving this year.  Saving for UK Games Expo in May, saving to be able to move out and saving for a plane ticket.  Which leads me to…

3) Go to America!  I want to spend Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in an American home so I’m discussing with friends in Portland, Maine, the possibility of stopping over there.  I’d be doing a lot of travel while I’m out there.  Visiting all the places on the East Coast on my wishlist while I can do it for a coach ticket and not a plane.

4) Blanket bonanza.  I currently have six blankets on the go.  A monochrome crochet square quilt, a rainbow star quilt, a Tunisian square quilt, a many millions of patches quilt, a scrappy scrap quilt and a mini mochi quilt.  I also have plans for 2 more that I’m not going to be able to resist for much longer.  On top of that, one of the Facebook groups I’m in is running a blanket CAL starting in January that I’ve already brought the yarn for.  And I suspect that one of my favourite websites is running one as well.  So lots of blankets.  I want to finish some of the ones I have on the go already in 2015.  I’m going to say I want to finish at least two of them.  There, that’s my official goal.

5) My yearly challenge.  I have this little wooden box, with all my ideas for yearly challenges in.

2014-12-22 18.40.45

When I sat down to write this blog I pulled that box out and picked out a challenge.  10 for 10 games.  This is an idea that floats around Boardgamegeek occasionally.  You pick 10 of your favourite games and you have to play each of them 10 times during the year.  Now, I love the idea of this challenge, but I’m hoping/planning to spend three months abroad at the end of the year.  This kinda excludes any challenges that involve a lot of bulk.  So I put that one back in the tub, and picked another one.

No yarn.  This is also a great challenge – don’t buy any yarn for the entire year.  Which would be great if I wasn’t going to America where they have really great yarn that I can’t buy in the UK.  So that one went back into the tub too.

Collect exactly 52 things (one a week) in a jar.  This one doesn’t really need any explanation.  It’s also flipping genius.  I can definitely do this one on my trip.  And because it’s not exactly time consuming, I picked a second challenge to do as well.

Tipjunkie monthly photo prompts.  This one comes from the TipJunkie website. Once a month they list a bunch of photo journal prompts.  Like this one…


My challenge is simple, and very blog-worthy.  So look out for those.

And there you have it.  My plans for 2015.  Here’s hoping you all have a good one 🙂

Since I wrote this blog about a week ago, it has become apparent to me that I NEED to move out.  I’m going a wee bit insane here.  And it seems very silly to make myself wait.  So I was going to go to Vegas in April and move by my birthday in October instead, and do a trip to America for the holidays another year.

And then it became a bit more apparent that I REALLY needed to move out.  So now I’m going on holiday for my birthday in October, as usual (probably Vegas) and I’m moving out as soon as I can find somewhere to move to.  Expect lots of posts about that 🙂


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A 30-something creator/baker/writer/doodler/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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