This or That

On one of my many multi-hour sessions on Pinterest I found this image…


…and thought it might make an interesting little blog post. So here goes.

#1 – Moon or Sun

This one is very, very simple. Always the moon. I dislike the sun. It makes my head hurt, it makes me sneeze and itch. I avoid the sun as much as possible, and I absolutely detest sunbathing. And the moon doesn’t win just by default. I love the moon. It’s big and bright and infinite and mysterious. And made of cheese! Who doesn’t love cheese?

#2 – Sunset or Sunrise

This one is a little harder. I love both. Both are beautiful and spectacular and different every day. I have no problem with being awake for either, because I can quite often still be awake that early in the morning, and then sleep through the day and wake up in time for sunset.

#3 – Stars or Clouds

Another difficult one. On a non-sunny day I love the clouds. I find cloud formations and weather patterns to be infinitely fascinating. And of course, I love spotting shapes in them. But stars are infinite too, and so mysterious. They make me feel very, very small though, so perhaps clouds win out ever so slightly.

#4 – Milk or Chocolate Milk

Despite being quite a major chocoholic, I don’t actually like chocolate milk. I never have. I’ll drink it, if it’s all that’s on offer, but it’s never my first choice. But then, neither is plain milk. I prefer strawberry milk.

#5 – Toast or Toaster Strudels

Hmm, I don’t actually know what toaster strudels are. Are they like Pop Tarts? I’ll go do some research…

Ooo, they are like Pop Tarts.  In that case I choose toaster strudels.  Definitely.

#6 – Dogs or Cats

All my life I would have said I was a dog person. I’ve always loved dogs. Never been afraid of any. And I always REALLY wanted one of my own. But when I moved into my first proper flat that allowed animals, my mum had kittens ready to rehome. So I took one, and now I’m a certified Crazy Cat Lady. I still adore dogs, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m never going to be able to give a dog as much exercise as it needs. I’d say I’m a dog person AND a cat person, but probably marginally more on the cat side.

#7 – Digital Music or CDs

I usually have a movie or a TV show playing. Even if I’m not watching it, that’s what I’ll have on for background noise, and when I’m travelling I’m usually reading. But occasionally I do listen to music and it’s just easier to have digital music. You can set up a playlist of hundreds of thousands of songs, and not have to change a CD after ten songs.

#8 – Mac or PC

I used to hate Apple products. For no reason other than that I couldn’t afford them, so I would hate them. Then I started to work for iOS app developer, and got an iPad, then an iPad mini. I love that little thing. Couldn’t be without it. And recently I got an older generation iPhone too. Again, I love it. But I don’t think I could go the whole hog and get a Mac. If someone wanted to get me one, I’d accept and adapt, but I’ve used PCs ever since computers started to become more commonplace. How do you train yourself out 17 years of using the same keyboard shortcuts?

#9 – Text or Phone Calls

Text. Always. I hate talking on the phone, even to people I know closely. I rarely call people. I will nearly always text or WhatsApp or email or Facebook Message or GTalk if I can.

#10 – Mornings or Nights

I imagine it’s related to my dislike of the sun, but I’m a night person. When left to its own devices, my body slips quite easily into nocturnal living. At night, no matter how much sleep I’ve had, I’m more alert, more active. I’m not as tired. When I’m on a nocturnal pattern I don’t find it as hard to fall asleep or to wake up. Unfortunately, in the UK at least, living a nocturnal life is very hard.



About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/doodler/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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