More Hama Fun

On alternate Fridays I’m going to show you all what I’ve been making with my Hama beads.

I’ve been doing lots!  As I mentioned in my beading blog the other day, my Facebook store is now open!

business card copy

(You can get to it by clicking HERE.)

I’m gradually adding stock, including a lot of my fuse bead pieces, and I’ve been continuing to make pieces for me and to sell.

Like how cute is this?

2015-02-08 11.16.46

And this?

2015-02-12 12.40.23

I also made some teeny tiny flowers…

2015-02-02 14.14.44

…as a test, and then decided I needed more.

2015-02-12 12.44.07

I’m going to make some into earrings, and maybe a bracelet.

I do custom orders, so I’ve made a grid with all my colours in for my customers to refer to.

2015-02-12 12.42.48

Speaking of custom orders… I had someone message me about this hedgehog…

2015-02-08 11.16.50

…asking if I could make it in other colours.  Of course!  She said she’d like one with purple spines, but also rainbow stripes, and she couldn’t decide.  She’ll get back to me when she decides.

I made them both up, because hedgehogs are adorable and these ones don’t exactly use a whole lot of beads.

2015-02-12 12.45.24

2015-02-12 12.45.28

And I just can’t stop making things in general.  I love this hobby!

2015-02-12 12.45.37

2015-02-12 12.45.18

2015-02-12 12.39.57

2015-02-08 11.16.36

2015-02-02 14.14.13


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A 30-something creator/baker/writer/doodler/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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