52 Things in a Jar

You know that jar cozy I was working on?  Yeah, I gave up on that.  It was just too frustrating.  And I wasn’t really finding time to work on it.  So I just gave up.  But more importantly, I’m still adding things to the jar – which is what the challenge is.

Week 5 ended with an extended session at my gaming group.  I haven’t been doing much gaming recently.  I don’t really have a lot of friends, and I’ve been struggling with depression so making it to my gaming group is quite difficult.

But every so often they hold an extended session.  3pm-11pm instead of 6pm-11pm.  And every so often my best friend Cayden comes over from his hometown to come to a gaming session with me.  And these two coincided in Week 5.

So Thing 5 is something representing gaming.  A dice.  Or die.  I can never remember.

2015-02-12 12.53.32

For Thing 6 I’m putting in a strip of raffle tickets.

2015-02-12 12.53.42

These came from a panto I went to see with my sister and my niece.  Yes, a panto in February.  My uncle is involved in amateur dramatics and community theatre.  He wrote a panto, called Flash!  It’s about an electrician called Gordon who saves the world.  It was the first of his performances that I went to see, and it was little Aislynn’s first play.  She mostly liked the lights and music.  She’s only six months old, so I doubt she got a lot of the humour.

And the raffle tickets came from the interval.  I did win something, but I let my sister go up and pick while I was playing with Aislynn, and said sister managed to pick something she liked and I didn’t. so I let her have it.

Thing 7 is a little bit sad.  During this week my mum’s best friend died.  It was quite sudden and everyone is a little shocked.  But something that she and I had in common was our love of sudoku, and so Thing 7 is a little cut out sudoku puzzle.

2015-02-15 00.44.56



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