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52 Things In a Jar

The last two things that went into the jar were symbols of fairly negative things. Thing 10 is to do with the IBS I was diagnosed with recently.  It’s one of the horrible evil Mebeverine tablets that I was prescribed.  … Continue reading

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Astoundingly Alluring Alliteration – T

For those new followers that I have, after a writing class I decided in July last year, I decided to embark on a blog challenge series of writing some vaguely interesting short passage of alliteration for each letter of the … Continue reading

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The Origami Continues

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, I’ve been teaching myself origami. I had a short session very late one night and went back to some simpler patterns, and made this cute little butterfly… …a slightly wonky bird… …and a … Continue reading

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Adventures in Beading

On alternate Wednesdays I’m going to be keeping you all up to date with my lessons and stuff with beading.  In my last post, I mentioned wanting to move on from pony beads with the bead weaving.  I did a … Continue reading

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10 Things I Love Beginning with the Letter J

Here I continue my new blog series, all about my favourite things.  With each post inspired by a different letter.  This post is all about the letter J. 1) Jennie.  Jennie is my sister and I love her very much … Continue reading

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More Zentangles

Here’s what I’ve been up to doodle-wise: (forgive the camera quality of the last few.  My phone has been out of action and I’ve had to use the camera on my iPad which is dodgy for some reason.)

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Dublin Here I Come!

I have had a really stressful month, what with the IBS diagnosis and an incident we had here a couple of weeks ago that I can’t really talk about because the police are investigating. Needless to say, I needed a … Continue reading

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