Adventures in Beading

On alternate Wednesdays I’m going to be keeping you all up to date with my lessons and stuff with beading. 

In my last post, I mentioned wanting to move on from pony beads with the bead weaving.  I did a bit more research into it, looking for tips and advice and things.  I discovered a few things.  For my first attempt at doing it properly, I picked up some wide eyed beading needles.  They’re very odd.

2015-03-15 21.39.09

2015-03-15 21.37.38

I planned to experiment once I’d finished my egg.  Which I did in the next session.

2015-03-15 20.56.54

It looked a wee bit wonky, but I hoped that once I took it off the bottom needle it would even out a bit.

2015-03-15 20.59.18

Still a little bit wonky, but for my first piece I’m still chuffed.  But I am determined that I will not always be doing bead weaving with pony beads.  So… on to the big odd needles.

I got out my seed beeds, thread some wirey stuff through one of the big needles, and had at it.  I failed.

2015-03-15 21.38.09

There were a couple of problems.  The wirey stuff kept sliding out of the needle, and I couldn’t control it much.  I decided to resort to my old favourite.  Embroidery floss.  Not recommended for beading projects usually I don’t think, but it’s something I can manipulate.  So I threaded a big odd needle, and got started.

I had real trouble with the second row.  The beads wouldn’t stay in the right configuration.  I wished the knitting needle I’d used for the egg piece would fit in my seed beads, before I recalled that the big odd needles would fit.  So I threaded one of those through the bottom layer of beads to help stabilise, and I got started again.

Next problem, things weren’t staying still!  So I got out the cellotape.

2015-03-15 21.39.17

It’s hard to see the cellotape there, but I’ve taped the needle down.  At first I just did each end of the needle, but I was still finding the piece sliding around.  So I added more tape, right on the sides of the piece, to keep it still.

I worked a few more rows, and found that I was finding it easier.  I have the technique down.  I KNOW what I’m doing.  I’m just struggling to do it with such small beads – although the needle really does help.  Especially since it’s so bendy.

I know though, that the way to get better at something is to practice.  You can see at the top of the piece in that last picture that it looks a bit better.  Practice practice practice.

My tension needs work.  The stitch is very loose.  But I assume that will come with more practice, just like it did with knitting and crochet.  Practice practice practice.



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