As you might know, in August last year my sister had a baby.


Aislynn is my first niece and I am absolutely madly totally completely in love with her!

2015-01-25 12.52.55

She’s the squishiest smooshiest cutest little thing ever.


And whenever she happens to come up in conversation I start raving and gushing about her.

2015-05-04 11.10.48

So I thought I’d share a little of that gushing with you.

2015-04-28 18.44.51

She turned nine months old yesterday and she’s absolutely perfect.  She’s just started crawling and she’s off! She gets everywhere.  And she’s learned to pull herself up on her toybox and get a toy out.  She’s such a clever little thing!

2015-04-16 19.51.32

I was 15 when my other sister was born, but I don’t really remember anything about her development.  My life had gone a bit bananas at the time.  Watching Aislynn develop is astonishing.  The first time she smiled, and the first time she sat up on her own.  Now the crawling.  I live two towns over, and seeing her depends on having money for trains or my mum being willing to drive or mummy-sister having time to get the train here.  But I see her as much as I can.  And mummy-sister is an avid photo taker and sharer.

2015-04-13 12.58.56-1

I absolutely adore getting an alert on my phone and finding a new photo of my little nibling.  And sometimes there’s even an adorable video too.  She’s the light of my life and I can’t wait to see her again 🙂

2015-04-13 12.58.55

2015-04-13 12.58.46


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