12 Things I WILL Be Doing This Summer

Following on from my 16 Things I Won’t Be Doing This Summer blog last week, here are some things I do plan to do…

1) Celebrate my adorable niece’s 1st birthday!  She’s just the best most beautiful most smooshy thing on the planet and I absolutely worship her.

2) Move!  Hopefully.  My position on the housing register has changed and hopefully I’ll be getting a proper place of my own soon and can move out of the residential hostel type place I’m in at the moment.

3) Smell freshly cut grass.  I love that smell.  It’s one of my favourite things about summer, and I don’t have many.  I’m a winter girl.

4) Sleep with the windows open.  But this is an all year round thing for me.

5) See a summer blockbuster.  Probably.  I love movies.

6) Stargaze while lying on the grass.  You don’t get a pretty good view of stars from the middle of a town, but I could take a trip a bit further out to do this one 🙂

7) Have a picnic in the park.  Probably.  I do like picnics.

8) Have a barbecue.  I might not host one myself, but I hope I shall attend one.

9) Eat a slice of watermelon.  A slice?  I’d eat a whole one.

10) Blow bubbles.  I love bubbles!  And my cats find them quite entertaining too.  Oooo, I saw some cat nip bubbles on Amazon a while ago.  I might get some of them.

11) Spend as much time indoors as I do normally.  I don’t particularly find the summer a good excuse to go outside.  The heat bothers me.  I’m much more comfortable staying inside.

12) Get sun burned.  When I do venture outside I usually forget to put on lotion and end up with a couple of nice shiny red patches.

(Some ideas taken from this list.)


About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/doodler/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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