Happy 18th Birthday

18 years ago my youngest sister Michaela came into the world.  I met her just half an hour after she was born, and she was a bright red little bundle of skin.  I changed her first nappy 🙂

She’s grown up a wee bit since then.  A lot actually.  Despite my regular requests for her to stop growing up, she did.  She’s now a beautiful young woman with a whole lot of potential.  When she wants to be, she is a friendly, helpful, intelligent young lady.  She’s good with kids, she’s hard working, she’s a good cook, she’s chatty and she’s just generally wonderful.  Of course, being a teenager, she hasn’t been much of that over the last few years.  We’ve had a lot of trouble with her, but we seem to be getting along better now.

I wish her all the best, all the happiness in the world on her 18th birthday, and I hope she gets a stonking hangover tomorrow morning!

2012-08-02 16.07.19


Sleepy Sprogget

michaela at christmas at nanny's


That’s her in her prom dress.

Dressed up michaela

That’s her in the very same dress I wore to her christening.

Cinema michaela

2014-08-09 22.58.34

That’s her on August 8th 2014 with our baby niece.

2012-10-29 18.58.18


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