Developing a Photography Style

One of the seminars at the Blog On Win conference last weekend was called “Developing a Photographic Style For Your Blog.”

Here’s a handy title picture from the speaker’s recent blog post:

Annie was absolutely amazing.  Quite aside from what she saying, she was dynamic and vibrant and easy to listen to.  Her blog post displays her notes from/for the session if you want to read something a little more in-depth than what I’m going to ramble on about.

She spoke about consistency in your Instagram feed – which first of all made me realise I probably need an Instagram feed.  I intend to open a new website in the coming months that combines my store, and a craft blog.  I don’t want to get lost in social media, but I will be having a Twitter feed as well as the current Facebook page.  And now I have an Instagram too!  It even has some craft related photos on it.

Annie mentioned needing to have 5 (ish) words in your head that you want people to think about when they visit your blog.  I got as far as three, then got stuck: Cheerful, bright, craft.  But three is better than none.

The next stage of the seminar was instructions to practice.  Practice.  Take lots of photos.  Practice.  Take some more photos.  Practice some more.  And take a few more photos.  It’s the only way to get good at anything really, so why should this be any different?  Practice.  Practice.  PRACTICE!!!

Once you have your photos, and they aren’t utterly rubbish.  The next stage is editing.  Annie suggests creating a Pinterest board of pictures that inspire you.  Once you have a nice wall, you write down what it is that you like about them, before working out which of those things you can apply to your own work.  I still have to do this – but I’ll let you know how it goes.

The last part of the seminar was to take photos using your phone and instead of picking your favourite filter on Instagram, to use the settings and fiddle a little bit.  We were provided with a table of flowers and a table of candy to take pictures of.  Mine weren’t too bad. (These are pre-editing).

me before

My sister took some pictures too – she’s a “proper” photographer.

jen before

And since I only downloaded and joined Instagram for the first time last week, I’ve been playing with filters so far.  I want something bright, and cheerful.

At this point I was going to show you some using the “Lo-Fi” filter, and some using the “Hefe” filter.  However, I can’t tell the difference now.  Which probably tells you something profound about the filters, but I can’t work it out now.  Here are the filtered pictures anyway:










I’ll use filters for a while, and collect my inspiration board photos too.  And in a week or so, I’ll start experimenting with the settings 🙂  I’ve had a tiny play already.

2015-10-07 22.03.04

2015-10-07 22.02.52

2015-10-07 22.02.11

2015-10-07 22.03.50





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