UK Games Expo – The Randomness

I always carry a small notebook in my bag, because that’s just me.  When I travel, I generally pick up a thicker notebook and I’m always writing random notes and thoughts in them.  Here are some of the notes from UK Games Expo.

There are a lot of kids here, and so many babies.  And lots of nearly babies.  Apparently geeks are fertile.

I met a lovely woman who was due to get married soon.  Her wedding theme was “totally grown up, red and black, with Vikings”.

Steam punk everywhere!

Just saw a very good Daphne and Velma.  No sign of the rest of the gang though.

I’ve seen Fred and Shaggy!  They were showing some kids pictures of Scooby on their phone.

Many many Stormtroopers.  Including a very dirty one standing next to a very clean one.

Ooo, a Stargate soldier.  Must tell Mum and Jennie.

A very tiny 11th Doctor.  So cute!

I could LITERALLY sit on this sofa all day and just watch.  (And I’m using “literally” correctly).

A lot of the cosplay makes no sense to me.  Not that they’re crap – I just feel my nerd-cred dropping.  But, as someone pointed out to me, there are sooooooo many fandoms represented.

Guys walking around with guns and nobody blinks.

Boobs!  So much boobs!

Plenty of lovely corsets too – I repeat, BOOBS!

The little Costa booth in the hotel is ridiculously overpriced, and doesn’t even do proper milkshakes.  It’s just milk with syrup poured in! 

Overheard a member of the hotel staff: “It’s all a bit geeky isn’t it.”

Very non-geeky music coming from the Bus Bar.

Hotel chefs eating at the food trucks.

A fez!!!  Fezzes are cool.

A wide range of accents, not just UK ones either.

Tardises everywhere.  Is that Tardi?  An actual one, dresses, fabric, skirt, bead woven earrings, hoodie.

Trash left on the sofa – Jelly Babies bag.  Made me giggle, given where we are.

Ooo, a boardgaming holiday – I must look into that.

A lady I met last year has died.  That’s really sad and baffling.

Rabbits on the roundabout on the way back to the train station.

Playing “Spot the Expo Attendee” at the train station.

Birmingham International station has two very cool points – baby changing in the Men’s, which is not often seen.  And they have a bowl of water for dogs too.


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A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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