The Kindness of Humans

In my last Random Observations post, I touched on what had happened in Paris, and a bit later in that post I shared something that kept my faith in humanity.

2015-11-03 12.21.21

There is an awful lot of very very evil stuff going on in the world.  It can be scary to even step out of the door when you realise the sort of things that humans can do to each other.  And the events of 9/11 are a big example of that.  But this article tells you a whole lot more about the kindness of humans, than it does about the evil.

I love seeing things like this.  For people who don’t want to click, it’s a story told by a flight attendant who was working on 9/11.  Her plane was grounded in Canada, along with over 50 others, and the passengers were stranded there for a day or two.  The locals in the area welcomed them with open arms and utter kindness.  In a time when half the world was blaming the other half for the tragedy of 9/11, those Canadians welcomed a whole lot of very scared people into their homes.

I find it very hard to keep feeling positive a lot of the time.  And I avoid news websites and papers, because they depress me.  But finding stories like this, and pictures like the one of that little boy, they keep me going.


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