So that was 2015…

And jeez what a year!  It went from bad to much much worse.  My depression was as bad as it’s ever been, and then there was a LOT of drama at home, and some criminal activity that I was subjected to.  And by the middle of March I was homeless.  I ended up living in a YMCA-style residential hostel for four months.  But that brought something good – a keyworker who helped me get higher on the council’s rehoming list.  And now I have my little flat.

The biggest goal I set for this year, was to make it “less crap than last year”.  And although it got crappier, it got much much better after that.  I’ve struggled since I moved back to Basingstoke, but I finally have my own little place again, and I’m settled with my cats and feeling like a semi-normal person.

I did, as ever, have some more less-general plans.  I wanted to get a social life.  And I’m working on that.  It’s something that is always a struggle for me, and I don’t have a big circle of friends.  But I’m working on it 🙂

I wanted to save.  My sister was willing to play Bank of Sister, and with her help I saved a big hunk of money for UK Games Expo, and to sort my flat out when I moved in.  This was a successful experiment, and will continue in 2016.

I wanted to go to America.  I always want to go to America.  But moving kinda disrupted that.  I did travel to Dublin in March, and hopefully at some point in 2016 I’ll finish the blog post about the trip.

I wanted to finish 2 quilts of my blanket bonanza.  I didn’t.  I may have started some more actually.  I have a problem with blankets.

I set myself 3 Yearly Challenges.  The first was to fill a jar with exactly 52 things… and I finished that!  Blog post coming soon.

The second Yearly Challenge was the Tip Junkie Monthly Photo Prompts.  This failed miserably.  I mentioned my plans here, and then never again.  And there’s a good reason for that.  I forgot about it.

The third Yearly Challenge was one I decided on after I wrote my New Year post, but it was to do a post it doodle every single day.

So yeah… it’s been quite a year.  I rebooted my Etsy store into a Facebook store with a proper name.  I’ve had some success with it, but mostly at the few craft fairs I’ve done and not online.  I have big plans for it though, and hopefully 2016 will bring some changes in that respect.

As mentioned, there has been a lot of family drama.  Lots of people deciding they aren’t talking to other people.  And I really hate seeing my little family torn apart, but there isn’t much I can do aside from waiting until things settle a bit more.

But the biggest highlight of my life – my beautiful niece Aislynn – has just grown and grown.  She’s adorable and a proper little person now.  Walking and talking (ish) and interacting and just being generally amazing.

2015-10-22 14.12.24

I feel a lot more positive than I did this time last year.  Let’s hope it lasts 🙂


About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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