Silly Survey – Food Quiz

1) How do you feel about Golden Oreos?

Nothing can be as good as mint Oreos.

2) What is your favourite dessert topping?

Caramel sauce and whipped cream.

3) What is your favourite flavour/brand of bubble gum?

I’ve never been able to blow bubbles, so I stopped “eating” the stuff years ago.

4) Favourite cheese?

I’m partial to a bit of Mexicano, but I’m mostly a Cheddar girl.

5) Favourite lunch meat?

Sainsbury’s did an applewood smoked turkey a while ago that was absolutely delicious.

6) Favourite ice cream flavour?

Hmmm, mint chocolate chip, or any number of Ben and Jerrys flavours.

7) Best looking food?


8) Best food to put cheese on?

You can put cheese on anything, but I gotta answer pasta to this one.

9) Best sexual food?

Ummmm?  I have an interesting story about a Muller Vanilla Yogurt?

10) Best tasting drink in the summer?

Ice cold fresh orange juice.

11) Best tasting drink in winter?

Hot chocolate, with mini marshmallows.

12) Best food for a night out with friends?


13) Best foods to eat with a roll?

Hot dogs.

14) Messiest food, in your opinion?

Ribs – soooo delicious though.

15) Easiest food to prepare?

Tortellini – open packet, tip into saucepan of boiling water, wait two minutes.

16) Cheapest food you ever ate?

12p noodles from Tesco.

17) Most expensive food you ever ate?

Nothing really, although I really want to try truffles.

18) Stinkiest food you ever ate?

Not a clue – if it stinks, I usually don’t eat it.

19) Favourite dipping sauce?


20) Best pizza topping?

My very favourite pizza order is “vegetarian, with chicken”.  Best way to get everything I like.

21) Favourite potato chip flavour?

Plain, or BBQ.

22) Most toxic substance you ever ate?

My step-mother’s custard.

23) Most calories you ate in one meal?

Lol.  I’m sooo not answering that.

24) Favourite soda?

Don’t like soda – I don’t like fizzy drinks.

25) Favourite flavour of juice?

Grape, but it’s hard to get in this country.  Second favourite is orange.

26) Favourite vegetable?

Potatoes – so very very versatile.

27) Favourite fruit?

Um, all of them.

28) Worst canned food?

I had canned macaroni cheese once, that was revolting.

29) Best side dish?

Cauliflower cheese.

30) Worst fast food restaurant?

Up until recently I’d have said Burger King because they didn’t do milkshakes.

31) Best restaurant?

Toby Carvery.

32) Best smelling food?

Almost everything.

33) Favourite appetizer?

What’s an appetizer?  Like a starter?  I don’t know.  I usually go for dessert if I’m having two courses.

34) Favourite cookie flavour?

White chocolate and macadamia nut.

35) Favourite cake flavour?


36) Favourite pie flavour?

Umm, I haven’t had many pies unfortunately.

37) Chocolate or rainbow sprinkles?

Rainbow sprinkles.

38) Ketchup or mustard?


39) Best food to have on a date?


40) Most share-able food?



About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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