Coincidence Art – The Result

A few days after my last blog post I broke my ankle.  I am the Queen of Klutz.  But since I had plenty of sitting time, I got quite a bit of crafting done.  Normally I would post about my crafting on my other blog, but this is A) something I mentioned here and B) utterly horrendous.

S0 my last post was about that beautiful art that I’d found and wanted to try to imitate.  Here’s my (bad) attempt.

Step 1 – get a nice array of papers.

Step 2 – draw out your shape.

Step 3 – use your horrendous craft knife skills to cut out said shape.

Step 4 – lay cut out piece on top of next paper and cut out shape slightly larger.

Step 5 – repeat throughout the rainbow, then stack the outlines together.

Step 6 – kick self in butt for not lining up the papers properly when you cut them up.

Step 7 – be utterly ashamed at lack of cutting skills.

Step 8 – glue the layers together, making a complete hash job of it, and making sure to spread the colour all over the place.

Step 9 – cover the top of the piece with a chunky layer of glue, forgetting entirely that you are using a glue stick and not mod podge.

Step 10 – allow to dry, as much as it can.

Step 11 – marvel at the arch in your piece that has NOT dried flat.

Step 12 – promise self you’ll try it again properly one day.

Step 13 – forget all about it.


About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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