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A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

Adorable Animals

My very favouritest thing about the internet is the animals.  I have about seven hundred million pictures saved, like these: And of course in recent years the gif has taken over – I won’t get into whether I pronounce it … Continue reading

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Biggest News of 2018

I didn’t mention this in my 2018 So Far blog post the other day, because I decided he needed a post of his own. On February 7th, my beautiful little niece Aislynn… …became a big sister!  I now have an … Continue reading

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2018 So Far

You might have noticed that I didn’t follow up my “So that was 2017…” blog post with my usual “…and this is 2018” post.  Or any post at all actually. At the turn of the new year, I was very … Continue reading

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So that was 2017…

Normally at this time of year I do a round up post. I write about how the year went and about how well I did with the goals I set myself last year. It’d be a shame to break with … Continue reading

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20 Random Facts About Me

It came up in a Reddit thread, so I thought I’d share… 1 – I am 35 in a couple of months 2 – I am completely wrapped round the little paws of my kitties 3 – I am a … Continue reading

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Fun With Siri

Had a bit of fun asking Siri silly questions. “Hey Siri, sing me a song.” “Hey Siri, read me a poem.” (ignore the text that came in right as I was screenshotting) “Hey Siri, okay Google”

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Random Observations

More of the bits and pieces I find on the interwebs.

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