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UK Games Expo 2016

It appears to have become something of a tradition for me to post my write up about UKGE late.  The first year, 2014, was written the day after the event.  2015 went up five months late.  This year I’ve really … Continue reading

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…And this is 2016

Once upon a time, the year 2000 seemed like a million miles away, let alone 2016.  It still feels kinda weird.  But it’s here!  And we have to deal with it!  I have my plans.  Of course I do 🙂 … Continue reading

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UK Games Expo – Plans For Next Year

One of the things I tend to scrawl in my notebook when I travel, is notes for next time.  And there will DEFINITELY be a next time for UKGE.  I think that as long as they run it, there will … Continue reading

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UK Games Expo – The Randomness

I always carry a small notebook in my bag, because that’s just me.  When I travel, I generally pick up a thicker notebook and I’m always writing random notes and thoughts in them.  Here are some of the notes from … Continue reading

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UK Games Expo

Okay, so it’s taken me a while to get it up.  Over five months actually, but here’s the tale of my adventure at UK Games Expo back at the end of May 🙂 Well, as usual, I was over-prepared.  I … Continue reading

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52 Things in a Jar

Things 10 and 11 were both symbols of negativity.  Things 12 and 13 are signs of something much better.  They both represent my Dublin trip – which I am aware that I still need to tell all you guys about. … Continue reading

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Dublin Here I Come!

I have had a really stressful month, what with the IBS diagnosis and an incident we had here a couple of weeks ago that I can’t really talk about because the police are investigating. Needless to say, I needed a … Continue reading

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A Few Days Rest

When my benefits were sorted out at the end of last year I decided I needed a holiday. Since I’m trying to save I went for something small and I booked myself a few nights in a Premier Inn in … Continue reading

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You’ve Just Become a Billionaire…

… what do you do with your life? Step one would be to make my family millionaires. Step two would be to get my dream house built.  Probably two of them – one in Hampshire here in England, and then … Continue reading

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The First Time I Left the Country

From my long list of blog ideas, here’s the tale of my first time leaving the country. Technically I first left the country for a trip to an English Army base in Germany sometime in the early 90s, to spend … Continue reading

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