About Me

I’m 30-something and I live in a house with my mother, a dog (Gracie) and three scatty cats (Smudge, Jasper & Fatty). I’ve experimented with university, but find I’m much more suited for life as a stay at home crafter/admin assistant for now.

Below is some basic information about me, as well as some usual tidbits for any swap partners who might be stalking me 🙂

Email and Web addresses:

Email – colette0101@gmail.com

Blog – https://randomramblingsofceleenacree.wordpress.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/colettehorsburgh

Ravelry name – Switchcleo

Reddit – colette0101

My favourite colours:

Purple. Purple, purple, purple. Lavender, mauve, violet, indigo, etc. I also like black, grey and turquoise.

Fabrics I like:

I’m open really. I’ve recently started doing some crafts with fat quarters, usually in purples and blacks and whites. I love spots and stripes.

Yarns I like:

I adore merino, but I’m happy with any yarn, any fabric, as long as it’s pretty.

Yarns I do not like:

No eyelash yarn or fun fur. Can’t stand the stuff.


I like silver coloured jewellery, and don’t wear gold. I love amethysts too.


HUGE! I’m slightly larger than your average bear. I have big hands, and UK size 8 feet.

Scents I like:

Vanilla, violet, strawberry, jasmine.

Scents I don’t like:

Coffee, lavender, cherry.

Crafts I do:

Knit, crochet, cross-stitch, blackwork, stitch-markers, beading, a little bit of hand sewing, and lots of sewing now that I have a sewing machine, zentangle

Things I collect:

Monkeys, stationary, buttons, ribbons, postcards, sew on badges, pins/buttons/badges, wall hanging photo frames, quotes, stickers, beads, Guiding and Scouting badges from around the world, letter writing paper.

Things I would like to receive:

All of the things I’ve already mentioned, plus chocolate, patterns, candles, pens. I’m very easy to please.

Things I wouldn’t like:

Anything that tastes like cherry or coffee.

Other things I do:

I doodle a lot.

I bake occasionally.

I spend a lot of time on the internet.

I love to organize and sort and write lists.

I play with my barmy kittens.

I used to go swimming and camping a lot, but not so much at the moment due to an ankle injury. I’d like to do it more though.

I love going to the theatre and the cinema.

Books I read:

Pattern books for crochet, knitting, embroidery, doodling. Vampire/werewolf/supernatural novels. Fantasy stuff. Terry Pratchett.

Favourite tastes:

Strawberry, milk chocolate, white chocolate, Peanut Butter M&Ms, Reeses, nuts, strawberry Twizzlers.

Tastes I don’t like:

Coffee, cherry, licorice, jelly beans.


1 Response to About Me

  1. I left you a message on FB about a pattern selection kit that can work with up to 576 patterns (or less). You can look at the minimalist version at: https://attachment.fbsbx.com/file_download.php?id=1613555438870696&eid=ASsd1SGALQMOPPYPtVnX1wIhLdVdZ5Lhzto-jNCbkRhA69urNpqjGZlwI42rT0XDGCs&inline=1&ext=1414792240&hash=ASui5NeVRLvtsTww

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