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Vegas – The Pictures

Here are some more of the pictures I took in Vegas/LA.  Including the accidentally artistic ones. That would be me with Penn and Teller! This is my signature on the envelope on the board thingy that Penn and Teller had … Continue reading

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Another Post About Depression

I’ve been struggling with an episode for the past few days.  Sometimes they’re triggered by specific events, but usually it’s a combination of things.  I could sit here and list them, but today I’m focusing more on what brings me … Continue reading

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I want another holiday. For the last few days of my trip, I was so homesick.  I couldn’t wait to get home to my bed, my room, my friends, my cats, my life. Now that I’ve been home a couple … Continue reading

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Alphabet Quiz

What’s your favourite animal beginning with the letter A? Axolotls.  We had two of them in my science classroom in high school, and they’re the cutest little things. What’s your favourite item of clothing beginning with the letter B? Bras!  … Continue reading

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